Prof Bidisha Roy Goswami Information Technology for Management CO1 : To understand the historical perspective of Information Technology and business
CO2 : To analyze functioning of computer hardware and software
CO3:  To comprehend conceptual framework of networking and telecommunication
CO4 : To explore role and emerging trends of Information Technology
CO5: To learn impact of information on business and society
Prof Farheen Ahmad Personal Effectiveness / Grooming CO1: Understand about ones values, abilities, goals influences about their attributes towards success, achievement & disappointment both in personal & professional lines.
CO2: Demonstrate grooming basics & personal hygiene management to enhancve corporate & social image , body language to increase ypur personal impact.
CO3: Identify the key role that listening plays in ability to solve problems & also the ability to communicate competently in groups and organisations.
CO4: Classify augment skills related to important decisions of selection process in organisation
Dr. Vishal Chavan Perspective Management CO 1 To explain the relationships between organizational mission, goals, and objectives
CO2 To comprehend the significance and necessity of managing stakeholders
CO3 To conceptualize how internal and external environment shape organizations and their responses
SEM I CO4 To develop critical thinking skills in identifying ethical, global, and diversity issues in planning, organizing, controlling and leading functions of management
COMMON FOR ALL CO5 To Understand organizational design and structural issues
CO6 To understand that citizenship involves taking conscious steps for societal advancement at individual level and organizational level
DR.RADHIKA WADHERA EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT COMMUNICATION CO1: understand the functions, nature, process, importance and scope of communication
SEM I CO2: classify between verbal, non verbal, upward,downward, horizontal, grapevine communication and its barriers
CO3: identify the essentials of effective verbal communication with respect to meetings and Group discussions
CO4: demonstrate public speaking skills which includes attire, posture and delivery techniques
CO5: understand types & format of reports, business letters, impact of technology on communication
CO6: determine  impact of culture on business etiquette’s keeping in mind intercultural senstivities