MBA in Human Resource has been designed to impart a holistic understanding of the processes and functions of human resource management. It helps to gain skills in field of compensation, planning and understanding Strategic Human Resource Management.

Semester I –

1 Perspective Management Prof. Niyati Joshi
2 Business Statistics Dr. Dinesh Gabhane
3 Managerial Economics Prof. Bhushan Orpe
4 Effective and Management Communication Dr. Radhika Wadhera
5 Personal Grooming/Personal Effectiveness Prof. Farheen Ahmad

Semester II –

1 Human Resource Management Prof. Sadanand
2 Entrepreneurship Management Dr. Radhika Wadhera
3 Business Research Methods

Semester III –

1 Training and Development Dr. Radhika Wadhera
2 Compensation and Benefits Dr. Radhika Wadhera
3 Competency Based HRM and Performance Management
4 Labour Laws and Implications on Induatrial Relations Prof. M.D. Joshi
5 HR Planning and Application of Technology in HR Dr. Radhika Wadhera
6 Global HRM(Elective)
7 Summer Internship
8 International Business Prof. Farheen Ahmad
9 Strategic Management Dr. Dinesh Gabhane

Semester IV –

1 Strategic HRM (Elective) Dr. Radhika Wadhera
2 Project Management(UA) Dr. Anil Matkar
3 Final Project –
3 a) General Management Prof. Sadanand
3 b) Functional Specialisation
3 c) Social Relevance Prof. Shirish Mohite
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